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Our portfolio also includes wide experience with texturing feature walls, suede effect paints and finishing works on wood. To provide these house painting Melbourne services we use highest quality paint products including Dulux, Wattle and Haymes. The materials our painters use  in addition to their expertise in this field result in a brand new look to your house with an extremely long-lasting finish. Moreover, our house painters Melbourne strive to have best time management skills so they can finish your house painting job on-time.Do you feel anxious in a yellow room? Does the colour blue make you feel calm and relaxed? Colours can affect our mood, feelings and emotions. Our house painters have deep knowledge about the psychology of colours. This assists you to select right colour for your house painting.You might be interested to have different colours for each section of your house. You also want to have a perfect match between your furniture with new paints. House painters at our company will help you achieve this by giving you some sample paints on your walls and ceilings. This will help you choose best combination of colours.Many years of experience in addition to our commitment for delivering work with highest quality result in great house painting services. Our price is affordable and your satisfaction is our first priority.

At David Painters, we provide a complete set of house painting Melbourne services. Your house is your greatest asset and its painting requires being refreshed. We believe that we can give a stunning look to interior and exterior of your property by our professional house painters.Our painters work on any type of house painting requests you have using a variety of paints to fulfill your requirements.

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