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exterior painting Melbourne

   At David Painters we provide professional exterior painting Melbourne services. We have painted exterior of numerous houses during past 20 years. This is one of our main advantages. Many years of experiences as well as dedication of our exterior painters to high quality work assure you that result of our job will be great.

   Our exterior painting Melbourne services include but are not limited to weatherboard, timbers, masonry, metals and bricks. Either the exterior of your house is rendered our weatherboard; we have the expertise to renew its paint. We use premium materials to provide a very long-lasting finish. Attention to details is one of our main strengths. We will manage our time to start and finish your job on-time. Based on your chosen style and colour, we will immediately begin exterior painting of your house. Preparing the outer surface of your house is the initial step which is very important for having a durable paint. Our exterior painters use modern tools and machines to achieve best result. We then use best brands such as Dulux and Wattyl. Products of  these brands  have been optimized for Australian weather conditions. They are self-priming, dirt resistant which protects exterior painting of your house in Melbourne from mould, mildew and algae. Attention to details is one of our strengths.

Timber doors, frames, windows and posts are exposed to rain and sun. This will cause damages to both their paint and structure. Our exterior painters will repair and seal them. They will apply superior paints for a fresh and enduring outcome.

We are committed to provide you one of the best exterior painting Melbourne services. Our pricing is competitive and we will strive for your complete satisfaction. Contact our exterior painters Melbourne today on (0402 453 112) or send us a message using the contact form.

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